Flora winx club

flora winx club

Flora ist die Fee der Natur und Pflanzen und die Schutzfee vom Planeten Linphea. Sie ist die. Credits 2 Winxpowers on youtube and Michael Ball on legospielekostenlos.review I dont own Winx Club. Flora is from Linphea, the Guardian Fairy of Linphea, one of the founding members of the Winx Club, and a former student of Alfea College for Fairies. She was  Birthday ‎: ‎March 1. Flora then goes to Gardenia neue spiele with the Winx and stays at Bloom's adoptive parents' house for awhile. Das Magische Abenteuerund 32 weiteren Winx Club: Helia boyfriend Karel crush; comics-only I13 Lorelle and Jessie old friends; comics only Ace former boss CliffMargot and Lorelei former colleagues Stoney nemesis. Klassischer Editor Versionen Diskussion 0. Serena Illiris Desiryee Sonna Lithia Lemmy. flora winx club Staffel Winx Club Winx Club Test Winx. The team relies on her for potions and advice. Her wings are cyan and yellow with magenta borders. In Season 5, Flora wears a pink, soft jagged edged, sleeveless shirt with a grass green vest. Because of a jellyfish that had been polluted because of Tritannus in the Ocean of Solaria , she becomes a statue, but was returned back to normal again afterwards by Stella using the Gem of Self Confidence and receives it as the first gem. At the end, Flora attends the celebration of Domino's restoration and Bloom taking her rightful place as the heir to the throne, last seen dancing with Helia. Desiryee, meine Unterwasser Selkie ist die netteste. A green choker with a pink colored four petal flower adorns her neck, and she has wrist length fingerless gloves covering her arms. Roxy Daphne Miss Faragonda. At the end of the season, she and the rest of the Winx perform a song on Andros, in front of the landgoers and mermaids. She helps the rest of the Winx find the Sirenix Book and earn Sirenix Boxes. The Winx try to defeat it using their Sirenix powers, but fail and discover that only Daphne can command it to leave Domino. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Create your own and start something epic. Tatsächlich ist Helia aber in dieser Hinsicht genauso schüchtern wie sie. Her shirt's collar is tied with a black tie. They have been rising in fame and popularity during their years touring the world but, unfortunately, with that fame came Venomya , a relentless music critic looking to end their careers, notably through sabotage and disproportionately negative "reviews" of their concerts.

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Winx Club: Flora All Transformations Up To Tynix! Luckily, they are able to beat back the pirate ghouls into fleeing into a portal to the World of Dreams, revealing that they had been sent by the Queen of the World of Dreamsand things only become worse once Lorelei outs them for being fairieshaving seen the whole fight play out from a small rowboat. Helia boyfriend Karel crush; comics-only I13 Lorelle and Jessie old friends; comics only Ace former boss CliffMargot rengade racing Lorelei former colleagues Stoney nemesis. She was very helpful by assisting in cleaning the house and spielmi dishes for Mike and Vanessa and encouraged the rest of the Winx to do chores. When the Flying Basilisks attack the college, Flora helps some of the Linphea College Fairies up on a tree into safety. Flora's contribution to the flora winx club was wrapping it in vines to give it strength. Flora as shown in the second movie.

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